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chinese food is more important than 95% of the things in my life


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what would we do without flo rida

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Drawing of guess who? ^_^

Mystique Summers?

Thanks chloeknoxxx!

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tbh i think the people at redbubble are mismanaged in a way

because a few days ago i sent them a message asking them if i could get my tuukka rask collage printed as a poster bc i didn’t know if it would be against their policy since no images in the collage are technically mine

and today i got a reply saying something along the lines of “yeah that’s copyright u can’t do that”

but the thing is i got really impatient waiting for an answer so i just went and uploaded the collages of tuukka (and one of jared leto) and ordered BOTH of them and got a notification that they had been shipped today so it’s sorta like people aren’t really communicating over there or they just don’t care lol

6x09 Runway

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✧゚・:*old mirror selfies *:・゚✧